Rollbo eng. s.a.s.
Via Fossato 3
44121 Ferrara
Tel. +39-0532-208662
Fax: +39-0532-1920249

My status

Paolo Dallapiccola:
Engineer, professional license, General Manager, home office located in Ferrara, Italy. Directs all projects involving Supply Chain Management, management organization, quality systems, and Safety Laws conformity.

Former General Manager for leading International firms.


My status

Giovanni Dallapiccola:
Engineer, specialised in materials' resistance and engineering, mechanical professional license.

Manager of the Engineering department of Rollbo, directs all engineering projects, CE approvals, and research involving development of suppliers for specific products or services.


Raimundas Sosienč:
Mechanical engineer. In charge of the Rollbo LT offices situated in Kaunas (Lithuania)



Jerry Yu:
Mechanical engineer. In charge of the Rollbo China offices in Dalian (China)