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Vision 2000
The development of a Quality System is an essential part of the culture aimed at organizing and coordinating all management aspects of a company.

Rollbo endeavours to create additional value for all its customers, improving their performance, competitiveness, and profitability.
Our skills can benefit the following

  • Companies who need to establish an ISO9000 Quality System and are not big enough to doing that without an external support.

  • Companies who have a requirement to update their Quality System to the Vision 2000 standard

  • Companies who have already gone through the ISO Approval procedure, but recognize the need for continuous improvement and desire to implement the most innovative Industrial Management Organization Models.

  • Companies interested in developing quality compliant processes


Safety D.lgs626/94
We have prepared manuals compliant with the
626/94 Italian law for more than 300 different Companies.

For many of these Companies we are also assigned the responsibility for the Safety Management of their facility.



We can also give courses aimed at instructing the fork lift drivers.

Amongst our customers we can list: Velo (Manufacturing of pressure Vessels), Cavarzan (Manufacturing of pressure Vessels), Gasparini (Manufacturing of Bending machines), Daikin (Air Conditioning Equipments), ORVIM and Wanax (Manufacturing of Plastic Composites), IBP Banninger (Manufacturing of hydraulic FIttings) and many other.